IN Compass Health Announces Partnership with 1821Health

November 28, 2022

Provider of hospital and emergency medicine services makes leadership development a top priority.

ATLANTA, Ga. IN Compass Health has finalized a partnership with 1821Health, in a definitive move to ensure their clinical teams are fully prepared to lead in this new era of healthcare. 

Hospitals and health systems are confronted by overwhelming demands and shifting priorities. These organizations look to IN Compass Health to provide exceptional hospitalist and emergency department programs as a strategy to improve enterprise-wide clinical, operational, and financial performance.

“At our core, IN Compass Health is in the business of leadership. We’re here to take care of patients, and we do that by establishing effective systems and providing the best clinicians to support our health system partners,” said Dan Fuller, President and CEO, IN Compass Health. “At the heart of our success is our ability to build a culture of trust, collaboration, and teamwork…a culture that attracts and retains quality physicians. We’re proud to work with 1821Health to bring meaningful leadership development offerings to our team members. This benefit will enrich the careers of our teammates and produce the results our clients expect.” 

1821Health is a company that takes a progressive approach to leadership development. While traditional development programs are reserved for those with select titles and rank, 1821Health advocates for a learning model that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of position. The approach reflects the mindset that the greatest asset in healthcare organizations is people. 

As an alternate to traditional conferences and hours-long conference room training sessions, 1821Health uses pragmatic, evidence-based methods of adult learning to integrate within today’s exceptionally complex and dynamic work environments. IN Compass team members will engage in integrated training programs that are applicable in real time. The combination of structured and self-directed learning is designed to build concrete leadership skills informed by professional experiences.

“IN Compass Health understands that leadership skills are vital in order to bring value-enhancing performance to their hospital clients,” said Dr. Rusty Holman, founder of 1821Health. “It’s clear that they are committed to the professional well-being of all of their staff and clinicians, and I’m proud to be a part of their innovative approach to developing their teams, serving their patients, and creating exceptional workplaces.” 

About IN Compass Health

For the past 20 years, IN Compass Health has been developing, managing, and improving emergency medicine and hospital medicine services for clients nationwide. By employing our dedicated physicians focused on hospitalized patients, health systems enhance patient care, reduce ALOS, reduce utilization, and improve patient and PCP satisfaction. 

IN Compass Health is committed to building programs that use the best clinical practices to achieve optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction, resulting in hospital care improvements. Our philosophy is simple – providing better hospital care by putting the patient at the center of all we do.

Alan Whorton
Chief Growth Officer
[email protected]

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