Healthcare continues to demand a higher quality of care at a reduced cost.

Hospital Medicine

Our customized hospital medicine solutions play a crucial role in value-based care by delivering quality care, enhancing provider communication, and optimizing patient throughput to improve the overall operational efficiency of hospital services. Our hospital medicine solutions deliver both outstanding clinical results and operational excellence.

Better Care. Better Cost.

Our customized hospital medicine solutions provide better value-based care by improving the overall efficiency of hospital operations and generating a return on investment.

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Reduced Avoidable Days & Hospital Stay Reduction

Our length of stay optimization tactics utilize processes and technologies to facilitate patient throughput and reduce overall length of stay. Our clinicians understand the importance of creating additional capacity through an interdisciplinary team approach to managing patient discharges beginning at admission.

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Improved Transitions of Care

Our hospitalists work collaboratively with community-based and ED clinicians to facilitate, simplify, communicate, and expedite the transitions of care. Our patient-centric solutions enhance patient experience and provide improved clinical results through continuity of care.

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Efficient Use of Hospital Resources

We promote a culture of efficient medicine among our team members that understand the importance of value-based care. This results in reduced direct variable cost-per-case through efficient rounding practices and resource utilization without compromising the quality of care.

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Maximized Value-Based Care

Our hospital medicine solutions enable maximized performance on measures that reflect quality metrics according to CMS value-based programs. This results in maximizing efficiency, outcomes, and patient experience while minimizing hospital-acquired conditions, mortality, and readmissions.

The value of an IN Compass Health hospitalist program:

  • Improved throughput, productivity, and patient capacity
  • Enhanced patient experience and satisfaction
  • Enhanced patient care transitions and multidisciplinary rounding
  • Improved physician communication and leadership skills
  • Reduced avoidable readmissions, length of stays, hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), and inpatient mortality

What our clients say.

Our work with IN Compass Health on the MVP Program to identify and better manage recurring patient visits to the ED has demonstrated that better business intelligence combined with process improvement can improve care and lower readmission rates.  IN Compass Health’s leadership and innovation has been invaluable in helping us achieve added value for our patients while reigning in hospital costs.

Brad Mock, MD
Chief Medical Officer
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