A well-run emergency department is crucial to quality patient care.

Emergency Medicine Services

More than two-thirds of patients are admitted to the hospital through the emergency department, making it the “front door” to your hospital. A well-run emergency department (ED) is crucial to quality patient care and a successful hospital.

Increasing patient volumes and complexity, longer wait times, overloaded providers, and declining reimbursement are major challenges in today’s competitive healthcare market. IN Compass Health partners with hospitals to provide leadership and management in the ED that improves access to quality care, clinical outcomes, patient experience, and physician engagement.

IN Compass Health is improving emergency medicine one patient at a time.

improving emergency medical

IN Compass Health transforms your emergency room into a place where patient care is timely and appropriate, throughput is accelerated, capacity is increased, the staff is engaged, and the hospital operational and financial performance improved. We deliver patient-centric solutions by incorporating best practice EM care models with the best possible patient experience.

Emergency Department Improvement With IN Compass Health

If you are considering making a change in your current emergency department provider group, let’s talk! We can be your sounding board as you navigate your options and work together to find the right solution for your emergency department and current emergency medicine providers. Together, we can support your community’s needs and facilitate the continued success of your hospital.


What our clients say.

We have partnered with IN Compass Health for several years and our hospitalists are excellent, professional, and work seamlessly with our other medical staff.  They have worked with our hospital on quality improvements and are always amenable to making improvements to our care model. The IN Compass Health management team is very responsive and communicate with hospital administration very effectively.

Gary Bunch, MD, MHA
Chief Medical Officer
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