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Medical Consulting Services

At IN Compass Health, we perform operational assessments of existing hospital medicine and emergency medicine programs for those who want to optimize the performance of an existing program or just would like to have comparative benchmarks and best demonstrated practice. Our approach to measuring the quality of a hospitalist program includes three major components – structure, process and outcomes.

While outcome measures remain the ultimate validators of an effective and quality inpatient medicine program, it is important to consider both structure and process as they are the real drivers of performance improvement and behavior modification.

structure process outcomes

What our clients say.

Since joining IN Compass Health in 2014 as a Medical Director, my experience has exceeded all my expectations. Their physician leaders, provide the leadership and medical support I need to ensure the success of our program. What I like most about IN Compass Health is that at every level, from the CEO to their recruiting and scheduling teams, they make sure that the patients care remains our highest priority.

Daniel T. Valancius, MD
Hospitalist Medical Director for ICH
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