Improving care for over 20 years

Our story:

We are a leading provider of hospital medicine and emergency medicine programs to hospitals and health systems. We partner with hospitals to improve the performance of their hospitalist and emergency programs, resulting in dramatic improvements in their clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Our Mission

IN Compass Health provides quality, cost-efficient inpatient hospital services to the patients and communities of the hospitals we serve.

Core Values

These enduring values guide our decisions and our behavior:
​Accountability to our clients
​Dedication to our mission
​Respect for our co-workers
​Stewardship to our families
​Commitment to excellence

Improving care in the communities we serve

At IN Compass Health, we are passionate about investing deeply in our people, clinical processes, and technology so we can deliver outstanding results for our patients, hospitals, community physicians, and the communities we serve.

staff dan fuller

Dan Fuller
CEO and Founder

While many have called this the most challenging time in the history of healthcare, the pressures hospitals face today are similar to those when we began this company 20 years ago – the need for cost-effective solutions to improve the access, timeliness, and quality of care in the communities we serve. While the challenges may be complex, our solution is simple: listen, learn, and lead. We practice strategic listening to understand your current state and desired outcomes better; based on our vast experience we have learned what effective operational and clinical practices will make your inpatient program more effective and efficient; and we provide sound medical leadership, the key to delivering quality healthcare.

We began this journey 20 years ago when hospital medicine was in its infancy and are proud to be a part of what has become the fastest-growing medical specialty in this history of medicine.

Let Us Help Your Emergency & Hospital Medicine Programs

Let us better understand the unique challenges and needs of your hospital medicine and emergency medicine programs with a clinical audit and evaluation. We would be honored to support the continued success of your hospital system as our front-line heroes.


What our clients say.

One of the motivations for my career in medicine has been and continues to be to ‘touch people’s lives.’ Our longstanding relationship with IN Compass Health for the management and growth of our hospital medicine program has helped us improve the quality and safety of our inpatient care.  Working with the medical and operational leadership of IN Compass Health has given me a partner who I believe embodies the same values and goals to improve the lives of the communities we serve.

Kenneth Jones, MD
Chief Medical Officer
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