Building Physician-Leaders

Hospitals are not only struggling with financial pressures but must also contend with unprecedented stress and burnout among current staff, which can often lead to turnover.

This burnout, if not addressed can have a negative impact on patient care, overall quality and meeting important organizational goals.

Many believe that additional compensation alone can solve these problems. At IN Compass Health, we disagree. Our experience proves that better clinical leadership can positively impact the overall culture and success of the organization. 

Leaders are problem-solvers.

Leaders align themselves with your objectives and are not afraid to implement the change needed to accomplish them. Leaders understand that their personal and professional goals are tied to their performance.

Our innovative i-LEAD program is designed to turn physicians into physician leaders.

Through our exclusive partnership with 1821 Health, we provide ongoing and effective leadership training to our hospitalist and emergency medicine physicians who:

Understand and embrace big-picture goals

Align your financial goals and resource allocation with patient care

Manage their clinical teams to achieve better outcomes

Prioritize patient service and satisfaction

Improve collaboration between departments

Actively participate in hospital quality and performance initiatives

The challenges in today’s healthcare environment are unrelenting, constantly changing and increasingly complex. Leaders never stop learning, and that’s why we never stop training them. 

Does our approach work? The evidence proves that it does. We welcome the opportunity to share examples with you demonstrating the positive impact our physician-leaders have made for our partners in every aspect of quality care, patient satisfaction and overall financial performance.


What our clients say.

Since joining IN Compass Health in 2014 as a Medical Director, my experience has exceeded all my expectations. Their physician leaders, provide the leadership and medical support I need to ensure the success of our program. What I like most about IN Compass Health is that at every level, from the CEO to their recruiting and scheduling teams, they make sure that the patients care remains our highest priority.

Daniel T. Valancius, MD

Hospitalist Medical Director for ICH

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