An appropriately timed and heartfelt thank you

This past year has been an outstanding one for us at IN Compass Health. But it is important for us to step back and recognize who is responsible for our success and direct our gratitude where it’s truly deserved.

First and foremost, we are thankful for the more than 500 exceptional people who comprise our team. This includes the hard-working IN Compass Health hospitalist and emergency medicine physicians, clinicians and support staff who deliver the highest quality care to the sick and infirm at hospitals throughout our nation. We could never articulate the sheer magnitude of their contribution but suffice it to say that they are the real heroes of our company, saving and improving the quality of human life every single day. We also give thanks to our corporate staff and clinical team, who guide our field operations and who are succeeding at the near-impossible challenge of finding expertise in the most challenging labor market since World War II.

Next, we are thankful for our clinical partners, the hospitals who entrusted us with their most vital areas of patient care. They chose us not because we are the biggest, but because they believed—as we do—that we have the best approach to designing, staffing and operating emergency and hospital medicine programs. The results have been spectacular and have exceeded expectations in nearly every instance. We are grateful for those who had faith in our ability to deliver, and our ongoing promise to our partners is to always strive to improve and implement the changes that will make a real and positive impact on the patients and health systems we serve.

Finally, we are thankful for our corporate partners. This includes organizations like 1821 Health, who recognize the future of healthcare lies within its leaders and assists us in building and training physicians to become much more than just competent providers. Their proven training programs help doctors unlock their true potential… to make a real and meaningful difference in the lives of so many.

In a sport like football, success is often attributed to a few key players. But in reality, it takes an entire team with everyone performing at or above their potential to become champions. The success of IN Compass Health is absolutely a team effort, and ours has never dropped the ball. 

Our sincerest thanks for a job well done.

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