Hospital-based medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty
today, with demand for physicians outstripping supply by about 6 to 1.
This makes finding and retaining qualified physicians one of the most
difficult tasks facing hospitals.

Unlike most medical recruiting agencies, IN Compass Health
concentrates solely on staffing for hospitalist programs. We have the
infrastructure, networks and dedicated recruiters to conduct national
campaigns to staff your hospital’s inpatient medicine program 24/7/365.
We are also experienced in recruiting visa candidates and non-physician
providers. Our high physician satisfaction and low turnover levels are a
testament to our success in matching the right people with the right
clinical environment.

Physicians we recruit are employed through our staffing arm, 24 ON Physicians. This relieves your institution of the costs and administrative burden of employing physicians directly. Our process is efficient and comprehensive, including employee agreements, compensation plans and vetting candidates to ensure the best possible medical team for your hospitalist program.

Hospitalist Jobs

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