Hospitalist Programs

Reduce Costs, Improve Care

Hospitalist programs bring many efficiencies to inpatient care but can be a headache to set up and administer. Finding and retaining hospitalists is a major hurdle in itself, since there are six openings for every qualified applicant. When you partner with IN Compass Health, your hospital enjoys all of the advantages of a hospitalist program while we handle all of the challenges.

We contract with hospitals to staff and manage inpatient care, providing a team of hospitalists, professional management and administrative support, including billing and reimbursement expertise and services. Providing 24-hour coverage at our clients’ facilities, our onsite and on-call hospitalists also provide continuous support to other areas of the hospital on an as-needed basis—particularly for unassigned patients in the emergency room.

Advantages of IN Compass Hospitalist Programs

  • Greater emergency department throughput
  • Shorter lengths of stay
  • Reduced cost per case
  • Onsite case management
  • Core measure compliance
  • Clinical pathway and protocol management
  • Increased bed and patient capacity (ED and inpatient)
  • Observation
  • Admitting and discharge management
  • Consult and specialty services support
  • Increased PCP satisfaction and practice capacity

The advantages don’t stop with our hospitalist program itself. To conserve scarce in-house resources, you can also add comprehensive management services such as billing, coding and physician incentives.