Emergency Medicine

Top Tier Physicians

When patients are sick and every second counts you need your “A-Team.” IN Compass Health goes to great lengths to provide the highest quality emergency physicians for every one of their Emergency Departments. Our recruiters relentlessly scour the country to find these top tier providers and recruit them to not just work at the hospital, but to join the community the hospital serves. Sourcing, hiring, and retaining emergency physicians that are vested in the community, vested in the facility and that can deliver exemplary care is our mission..

Commitment to Quality

Quality care in the hospital starts the minute the patient walks through the door. By relentlessly focusing on evidence based metrics that define and drive quality care, IN Compass is able to improve clinical outcomes while providing a service that improves hospital flow, decreases “left without being seen”, decrease door to decision time, decreases unnecessary utilization, and increases patient and staff satisfaction. Effective communication across the acute care continuum and with the community providers allows the quality initiated by the IN Compass providers to be transformed into superlative outcomes.

Patient Satisfaction

High patient satisfaction is both a market differentiator as well as at the core of many value based initiatives and methodologies. Recognizing the importance of patient satisfaction, IN Compass Health trains its providers until they are adept at communicating effectively with patients and families in a compressed time frame. Patient satisfaction scores will typically improve to greater than the 90th percentile with IN Compass providers in the ED.

Operational Integration

The delivery of effective acute care requires a delivery team that is seamlessly integrated. IN Compass Health believes that strong communication and teamwork in the ED, effective relationships with the hospitalists and subspecialists, and the trust of the community providers and first responders are all key components of a successful Emergency Department. We focus relentlessly on ensuring that our emergency physicians are integrated and engaged in the delivery team at your facility. Through surveys, invitations to our team meetings, to the development of an Emergency Department steering committee the needs of the facility and its providers are never marginalized.

Operational Efficiency

IN Compass has experience across the acute care domain that allows a facility to capitalize on the Emergency Department. At a given facility this may mean ensuring that admitted patients are placed in the correct level of care. Another facility may need its staffing matched to demand and capacity while ensuring appropriate admission rates. IN Compass specializes in providing customized solutions that improve the financials in your Emergency Department.